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Pan Card Consultancy (Services Provided)

A leading integrated consultancy service provider, known for our innovative solutions. Assisting with the processing of applications for a new Pan Card, Pan Cards for Minors and Corporates.  We will do our best in assisting NRI’s, OCI’s, PIO;s and Foreign National Companies with receiving a Pan Card from the Indian Government with minimal disruptions (as long as you are eligible and have the necessary valid documentation). The application  period is considerably decreased due to our proficiency and experience. We pride ourselves on consistently giving excellent customer service on a Robust countrywide network.

We, a North American based consultancy are aiding Pan Card applicants in the USA with a 100% secure price guarantee. The process is extremely streamlined.  We guarantee you delivery of the Pan Card at the fastest time in Canada and USA. Applicants save precious time and money by submitting their documents directly to our North American offices rather than submitting to the Indian office resulting in faster processing..

Why Us ?

Fastest way to get Pan Card in USA and Canada.

For USA and Canada, please call/ WhatsApp at +1-416-996-1341; other countries, please reach us on WhatsApp.

If all documentation is accurate and is accepted, the applicant will receive a digital e-Pan Card within 7-8 business days after the successful Submission of application.

If the application has not been processed successfully, then it is eligible for a refund of 75% of the paid fees and we will retain 25% for administration purposes

There is no need to send the application form and related documentation to India via courier. You only need to send to our Canada Head Office with complete trust, Save time and money with cutting courier charges of about $50 – $90.

Go ahead! Make one phone call or WhatsApp to

  • +1-416-996-1341 to experience speed and efficiency in getting your Pan Card.

    Your documents are in safe hands of a NRI and a Canadian Citizen who is facilitating Pan Card Services for all USA NRIs wanting to have an Indian Pan Card.

Why We Are

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We are also assisting clients with their real estate needs since 2007 and are associated with Home Life Silver City Reality Inc.  We specialize in assisting clients with investing in the Canadian real estate market around the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario Canada backed by a powerful team of experts.


Applicants receive frequent updates of the status of application form through-out important milestones of processing.

Once the applicant’s paperwork received by us, Post verification & acknowledgement,
we sent them to our India Office.
Income Tax Department of India will allot Pan Number to the applicant. 

Additionally, Applicant may Call / WhatsApp 1-416-996-1341 or write to regarding any query or find out latest status of Pan Application.

Yes. Once the application form is successfully processed, the applicant shall receive Pan Card
at the overseas address – as per proof of address.

Proof of ID (choose any one below – only copies – do not submit original)

  1. * OCI Face page
  2. * Foreign Passport Face Page.

Proof of Address (choose one below – only copies):

  1. * OCI Address page
  2. * Bank account statement