Indian Pan Card Usa

Refund Policy

Duplicate PAN Application

It is an offence to have more than one PAN number. If you apply for more than one PAN number, Income Tax Department will mark your PAN application for duplicate verification. Strictly there will be no refund for such instances. If you already had a PAN number ever, DO NOT apply again for another new PAN number.

Delay In Processing With Tax Authorities

Indian tax authorities may withhold application processing for other valid reasons – fully disposed to both and applicant. If the total delay in issue of PAN card exceeds 2 months, the applicant can claim upto maximum 60% fee as refund. please understand the applicant fee + service tax has already been paid to PAN Officials / Tsx authorities by now. After submission of forms to PAN officials / Tax authorities, any cancellation request will not be entertained.

Postal Delivery By Registered Speed Post

PAN officials / Tax authorities dispatch Pan Card directly to applicant by registered speed post. is not responsible if the postal delivery is unsuccessful for any reasons. No refund shall be entertained if the international customs in applicant’s country decides to hold or return back the Pan Card package back to PAN officials (India).